Vineyard Tour & Tasting Exploration

TASTE THE Landscape of SANTA BARBARA WINE COUNTRY on a new level.

Clementine Carter is a boutique producer of Rhône varietals sourcing fruit exclusively
from premiere Santa Barbara County vineyards. On this tour we visit vineyards vital to our portfolio to better understand the environment from which these wines are created. We take care of you. Your job is to relax. We travel to different vineyard sites, discuss their histories, orientation, soil composition, trellising framework, clonal makeup and more as we taste the wines born in each vineyard. You will truly get a flavor for how important the translation of place is to the character of a wine.

You will not be quizzed afterwards.  You don't have to remember any of these details.  That is my job.  If I have done that correctly my work is evident in the final product. Your job is to enjoy the experience.

This vineyard tour is offered exclusively for wine club members and their friends for a
total of 6 guests. Advance appointments are necessary to secure a date and time. We offer a monthly tour schedule. Private tasting appointments can also be created. Please
allow at least 4 weeks for adequate scheduling. Initial meeting point is our tasting room at 388 Bell Street, Los Alamos, California, 93440.

Upon completion of the tour, we return to the tasting room for a delicious lunch from our Babi’s Beer Emporium next door. We also continue the wine lineup to complete the tasting portfolio. Please allocate a total of 4 hours for this experience. It is worth the trip.