Grenache Roadshow

Have Wine - Will Travel

You provide the time, the place, and the friends.  I arrive with gifts in hand. WINE!

I love sharing the exploration of Grenache with you. I only source fruit from Santa Barbara County, and I have worked with almost every Grenache vineyard in our area. I make a lot of small batches of Grenache and I joke that I don’t know what Grenache really tastes like. It is the soil, site, orientation, farming practices, and human interaction that make each place unique.  I seek to translate each place as transparently as possible through the resulting wine.  All wines are made with minimal intervention and extreme attention to detail. I bring a variety of vineyard designates to you.  We share wine.  Talk about life.  Just doing my part towards accomplishing my mission of creating world peace one bottle at a time.

Complimentary for wine club members and their guests.