...a figment of my imagination. She captured my heart the first time I saw her 15 years ago and I have not been able to shake her since. Yes, she is a fictional character, though she also represents an archetype for determination and ingenuity across complicated landscapes. Plus, her name is bad-ass. Sonja is great - I love it - though I don’t get to live vicariously through Sonja - I just live. Clem gets to travel with a new lens.

Bloom where you live.

Clementine Carter has been a joy to explore, particularly in finding collaborative partners. Rachel Taylor, that tender, tough soul, drew the sketches freehand that will appear throughout the label lineup. Alexandra Gibbs, that sweet child with the brilliant eye and easy smile took all photos for Clementine Carter. Andrew Harner, the designer who understands intention in just a few words, created the labels. Sonja Magdevski, proprietor, giant, winemaker, writer-girl who ask too many questions produced all the Grenache in the bottles. Enjoy.




Clementine Carter Grenache Blanc Santa Barbara County 2016

A co-ferment of two distinct vineyards: Thompson Vineyard on Alisos Canyon + Tierra Alta Vineyard in Ballard Canyon.  Both sites share rich, loamy-clay soils on gentle sloping hillsides with wide-row spacing. Fruit was processed and fermented together; 50% in stainless steel tanks and 50% in neutral French oak barrels for a long, cool fermentation.  $36 SOLD OUT

130 cases produced.


Clementine Carter Grenache Sta. Rita Hills 2016       

A blend of two vineyards in the Sta. Rita Hills: Spear and John Sebastiano.  Spear is a relatively new site in the SRH farmed organically by Ofer Shepher.  John Sebastiano is an imposing vineyard composed of dozens of different blocks, soil types and aspects.  The Grenache in this blend is from the tippy top of the site, on an east facing extreme slope, in flinty-clay soils.  The SRH region is equally as expressive for Grenache as it is for its acclaimed Pinot Noir, revealing deep minerality and finesse.  $38

150 cases produced.


Clementine Carter Grenache Santa Barbara County 2016   

A blend of 6 vineyards that speaks directly to the beauty and bounty of our overall growing area.  This wine delivers a plush, round, palate-pleasing wine represented by Larner, John Sebastiano, Spear, Tierra Alta, Kimsey + Santa Barbara Highlands vineyards.  Each lot was fermented separately with 1/3 whole cluster fermentation.  $38

150 cases produced.


Clementine Carter Grenache Santa Barbara Highlands 2016 SBC

Santa Barbara Highlands is a distinctive vineyard located in a remote wispy corner of Santa Barbara County in New Cuyama.  Surrounded by pistachio orchards accessible by a clumsy dirt road, Lino Bozzano farms this site with a magical touch few can accomplish considering the array of varietals, farming methods and producers he accommodates.  This site delivers on its eccentricity.  $45

100 cases produced.


Clementine Carter Grenache Kimsey 2016 Ballard Canyon    

A dear winemaking friend of mine whom I respect immensely suggested I work with Kimsey vineyard.  “It’s the best I’ve seen,” he said. After years of asking, I jumped at the chance in 2016 when given the opportunity.  I have no intention of giving it up. This site is the epitome of luscious and savory, caressing the palate with eye opening fruit.  $45

100 cases produced.


Clementine Carter Grenache Larner 2016 Ballard Canyon

Larner vineyard in Ballard Canyon represents excellence in all aspects of farming, family and attention to every detail.  A few years ago during harvest I took a photo of the vineyard while checking fruit and the next day Michael Larner asked, “How’s the fruit looking?” He is aware of every square inch of his property.  The soils are all sand on a protected gentle slope. The fruit is consistently a delight to work with year after year, a true benchmark that creates a wine of piercing identity.  $45

100 cases produced.


Clementine Carter Mourvèdre Curtis Vineyard 2016 Santa Ynez Valley

Planted originally by the Firestone family on a protected mesa on loam soils, this stretch of the Santa Ynez Valley is where many of the original wine estates were established in our area.  This Mourvèdre is consistently plush and rich, a sincere product of it sun-loving location.  $45

100 cases produced.


Clementine Carter CIDER +



This Rosé Cider is our third wine cider conferment.  The Grenache is from Tierra Alta Vineyard and Aptos cider blended and cofermented in neutral French oak barrels.  Aged for 6 months before keg conditioning. A beautiful pink hue flows into the glass and people are mesmerized. Available only in one-way 20L kegs.



Clementine Carter Semillon Cider                       

I am fascinated by the transparent nature of cider and it ability to carry its partner fruit while also elevating its status.  This is the second iteration of my wine-cider conferment project. (The first was Grenache Blanc-Cider.) 50% organic Aptos cider was co-fermented with 50% old vine Semillon in neutral French oak barrels.  Produced like wine. Aged 10 months before bottle conditioning.

Available in 500 ml bottles and 20L one-way recyclable kegs.


Clementine Carter Skin Ferment Semillon            

Old-Vine Semillon from Santa Ynez was destemmed and fermented on the skins for 30 days in a very cold environment, stirred once daily, then pressed into neutral French oak barrels.  Wine was aged for 10 months before bottle conditioning and bottling by hand. Available in 500 ml bottles.



Clementine Carter Mourvèdre Cider available Spring 2018