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Our production is 1,000 cases each vintage.  Some call it boutique, others micro. We sell 95% of our wines through our tasting room and wine club.  The majority of our love comes directly from you. Thank you. Our goals are to engage, educate and celebrate. We take what we do very seriously. We source from impeccably farmed vineyards and work with mindful growers to ensure our fruit - the primary and most vital ingredient - is perfect. Pair that with hard work and dedication and you have purely made wine executed with great intention.

We have a three-tiered wine club that provides flexibility in membership to enjoy wine with ease. Plus a Grenache-focused membership to highlight my current love affair with this dynamic varietal.

Don’t miss the Vineyard Tours and Grenache-Roadshows - exclusive perks of membership.

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New releases each spring and fall - April & October.

Members choose from the following options:

  • Three bottles twice a year of our newest releases. A total of 6 bottles per year. 20% off wine purchases at Casa Dumetz all year long. Two complimentary tastings per month.

  • Six bottles twice a year of our newest releases. A total of 12 bottles per year. 25% off wine purchases at Casa Dumetz all year long. Four complimentary tastings per month.

  • Case Club - 12 bottles twice a year - April and October - of our newest releases. A total of 24 bottles per year. 30% off wine purchases all year long. Six complimentary tastings per month.

  • Members can also customize any option that works them - monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly - we have the goods to make you happy. Members can of course customize their wine club bottle selections, as well.

  • We encourage active engagement. We love sharing what we do. We offer a variety of wine club events, vineyard tours, futures tastings, winery visits and private educational tasting sessions to fit all schedules all year long. I travel with wine, too.

  • Members are always welcome to increase their allocation as three bottles goes down quickly.

Your commitment: the agreement to enjoy wine releases 2 times a year – once every six months - April & October. We ship all year long, as well, so you are always welcome to pick up and order more wine anytime with your discount. (In warm months we ship climate control where applicable.)


This is an exploration of my favorite grape – Grenache – and all of the mysteries it has to reveal in all forms.  I source Grenache from a number of unique and extraordinarily expressive vineyards in Santa Barbara County, including Larner, Tierra Alta, Kimsey, Spear, Robert William Ranch, Martian, Portico, Christy & Wise and Saarloos’ Windmill Ranch.  For each shipment, members will receive 6 bottles of Grenache.  The spring April shipment includes Grenache Blanc and Grenache Rose and vineyard designate Grenache companions.  Grenache designate members receive 25% off each shipment, and allocations may be doubled for further case discounts.

For your participation you receive

  • 4 complimentary tastings each month for you and a guest.

  • 25% off wine purchases.

  • First choice invitations for all Casa Dumetz events, including vineyard tours, barrel tastings, farm dinners and more.

  • Sincere wines to enjoy and share with family and friends. Great gift ideas right here.

Other Perks

Vineyard Tour & Tasting Exploration

Grenache Road Show

More is More

A little extra off the top if you want to stock up.

  • 3 bottles 20%

  • 6 bottles 25%

  • 12 bottles 30%

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