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Thrifty Chic Pop up and Speaker Series with Denise Muniz


Thrifty Chic - Denise Muniz - POP UP from 4-6!!!! Speaker series at 6!

Thrifty Chic has long been a long time dream for Denise Muniz. As a self-proclaimed frugal fashionista, Denise always loved clothes and bargains. Since she was a young girl, thrifting has been a way of life for her, and she has always enjoyed the hunt. After spending 12 years as a nonprofit fundraising executive, Denise was laid off from her executive role in May 2018 and decided to pursue her passion for fashion by launching a mobile boutique, Thrifty Chic, housed in a vintage 1962 Shasta Trailer. Since the launch in early May, Thrifty Chic has participated in more than 40 events, helping Californians look even more fabulous. Due to the positive response, Thrifty Chic will launch as a full online retailer later this year. Thrifty Chic specializes in unique and affordable vintage and modern clothing for men and women. Denise believes you can be both thrifty and chic. Her motto: Life is too short for bad shoes, bad wine, or an empty bank account.