sonja and wineCasa Dumetz Wines is where we make it all happen.  Delicious Wine.  Love.  Happiness.  Creativity.  Inspiration. World Peace.

We are an open forum for ideas with our Words to Live by Speaker Series held every Friday night at 6 pm, and are always listening and learning in a constructive manner to improve our environment.  We always discuss religion and politics with a glass of Casa Dumetz wine and a smile.  Great wine makes everything better.

 If you need to get a hold of us to tell us you miss us, you need wine, can’t wait to join our wine club, or want to throw a party with us, send an email to: smee@casadumetzwines.com, call our Tasting Room at 805-344-1900, or visit our facebook page at facebook.com/CasaDumetz.

Don’t forget you can always purchase online 24 hours a day in those rare moments you can’t get in touch.  For purchasing information, please visit the BUY page.

Make a point to visit and taste with us.
You will be happy you did.