Casa Dumetz Wines Tasting Room & Babi’s Beer Emporium

388 & 448 Bell Street, Los Alamos, CA 93440

This is where it all happens.
Delicious Wine. Love. Happiness. Creativity. Inspiration. World Peace.

Our tasting rooms were created in the spirit of my grandmother, Babi Ilinka.

She was wild woman. Energetic. Loving, and unconventional, Babi broke every barrier set before her, inspiring those around her to be better individuals. So much of who I am is inspired by her, and a major reason why visiting our tasting room is an energizing and unforgettable experience.

Babi was also an incredible cook who had slight of hand when it came to feeding people and a heavy hand when she shared stories over hot whiskey.  Our Craft Dinner series held at Babi’s Beer Emporium every first Saturday is our way of bringing her spirit back to life. We invite guest winemakers and brewers who collaborate in our kitchen to create dinner pairings you won’t find anywhere else.

She would have loved to visit with each and every person who came into the tasting room, which is probably why it’s so easy for me to get lost here, spending hours talking with old friends and meeting new ones.

Come and join us at our headquarters for “Words to Live By” Speaker Series, Third Saturday Evening Stroll events, first Saturday Craft Dinners, concerts, DJ dance parties, and, of course, our exclusive Wine Club events.