ACTING ON A DREAM AT CASA DUMETZ WINERY The Wine Dudes > Acting on a Dream at Casa Dumetz Winery Acting on a Dream at Casa Dumetz Winery Posted on 10/22/2013 12:36:00 PM by Rusty Gaffney North of Santa Barbara on Highway 101 is the historic town of Los Alamos. If you’re ever nearby, stop in at the Casa Dumetz Winery tasting room, where actor, writer, and Read More

Hawk Wakawaka Wine Review – Feb. 11, 2013 The food has not yet arrived for dinner and Sonja Magdevski, winemaker ofCasa Dumetz, has begun interviewing me, though we’ve met for us to talk about her wine. Her work history includes a Masters in Journalism, I discover, and she writes for Malibu Magazine, as well as her own site Malibu Grange. The questions she wants Read More

The Casual Connoisseur

By: KRISTIN HANSON Published: APRIL 26, 2011 No matter where one finds oneself in California, one senses a movement to eat locally and consume wine locally. This concept, while increasingly popular is largely rooted in common sense. Produce simply tastes better when the time lapse from “vine to dine” is as small as possible. While Read More

The Wine Enthusiast

By: MIKE DESIMONE AND JEFF JENSSEN Published: SEPTEMBER 16, 2011 Four Seasons of Rosé Summertime isn’t the only time for rosé! Casa Dumetz 2010 Rosebud Syrah Rosé: Created by actor-director-producer Emilio Estevez and his fiancée, Winemaker Sonja Magdevski, this Syrah-based rosé is made from grapes grown in Califonia’s Santa Ynez Valley. Vibrant flavors of strawberry Read More

Bon Appétit

By: HUGH GARVEY Published: OCTOBER 4, 2011 It’s a stunningly clear day in Malibu and Emilio Estevez is worried about the crows circling the Pinot Noir growing in his yard. The grapes aren’t ripe enough to harvest for the 2011 bottling of his Casa Dumetz Pinot Noir, but that doesn’t deter the birds from swooping Read More

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